Yoga Classes

We offer around 200 yoga classes a month for all abilities and fitness levels. Our classes range from relaxing meditation and Yin Yoga to intense calorie burning High Intensity Yoga and Rocket Yoga. Our hybrid classes like bootcamp yoga and hot flow abs are very popular with the clients.

If you can’t find time to come to our lovely studio, our expert teachers can come to you for a private session at your home or office!

We also organise corporate events and classes, encouraging health and wellbeing among the corporates.

In addition, we conduct regular workshops and retreats focussed on improving your wellbeing. Our workshops target topics not just about physical wellbeing, but also stress management, mental wellbeing and nutrition.


vinyasa yogaFast paced and flowing; Vinyasa yoga classes are a great workout while increasing flexibility and muscle tone
power yogaCombination of hatha and vinyasa yoga; focus is on power in the Yoga movements to give you a full body workout

rocket yogaA favourite of people looking to sweat and burn calories. Fast paced and energetic with fluid body movements

high intensity yogaAs the name suggests, focus is on the core, abs and back muscles. Be prepared to sweat and workout

yin yogaSlow and gentle form of Yoga, great for relaxation and destress with a lot of focus on breathing

Hybrid form of Yoga combining elements of bootcamp with Yoga moves. A perfect calorie burner