Q. What kind of classes do you offer?

Ans. We offer a variety of classes ranging from fast paced rocket and dynamic vinyasa yoga to slow restorative Yoga and meditation classes. We also offer specialised classes like Hot Flow Abs and High Intensity Yoga. Please see the classes section on the website for a detailed description of classes we offer.

Q. Are all the classes heated?

Ans. Most of our classes are heated Yoga where the studio is warmed to around 27-28 degrees. This relaxes the  muscles and helps them to stretch in a dynamic Yoga session

We also offer room temperature Yoga classes.

Q. I’m a beginner – can I attend?

Ans. We get people of various abilities in all classes. Most of our classes are suitable for all levels including complete beginners. Intermediate level classes are marked as Level 2 in their description.

Q. My pass/card has expired but I still have lessons left. Can I attend?

Ans. Our apologies but if the pass/card has expired then you would need to buy a new one. You also have the option of buying an extension pass for £10 from our website which allows an extension for 1 month. If you need further assistance, pls email contact@ampoweryoga.co.uk and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours

Q. What happens if I’m late?

Ans. We advise all clients to arrive 15 mins prior to the start time of the class. This gives enough time to change and prepare for the Yoga session. If the class has already started, then we apologise, the teacher will be unable to let you in the class.

Q. What do I do if I need a refund?

Ans. Please email contact@amhotyoga.co.uk. and they would process the request

Q. How do I redeem my Groupon voucher?

Ans. To redeem your voucher, email either a scanned copy of your voucher or the security code to contact@ampoweryoga.co.uk. We can setup your account and you can start enjoying the classes.

Please note that all classes need to be booked online before you come to the studio. You may not be able to attend a class if you turn up with the voucher without activating it online.

Groupon vouchers are valid for all classes except workshops, weekday 18:00 to 20:00 classes and weekends 10:00 to 13:00 classes

Q. Can I rent lockers?

Ans. Yes you can, we offer a monthly locker rent fee of £15 a month and you can book by emailing us at contact@ampoweryoga.co.uk

Q. How do I make a complaint?

Ans. You could give it at the reception in writing or you can mail contact@ampoweryoga.co.uk and one of our management team would be able to help.

Q. How many classes you have on weekdays/weekends?

Ans. We have 8-10 classes on weekdays and 4-5 classes on weekends. Our schedule is available on ampoweryoga.co.uk

Q. What are peak and off-peak hours?

Ans. On weekdays, off peak hours are from 7am to 4pm and after 8pm.
For weekends, off-peak applies to any class held after 3pm. However, some specialised classes including Kids Yoga are classified as peak.

Q. I’m going on holiday. Can I freeze my package?

Ans. Sorry but we allow freezing on packages only for medical emergencies reasons. You could check our terms and conditions for package extensions on our website.

Q. Can I bring a friend along with me to a class using my account?

Ans. All our packages are non-transferable and intended only for the use of the person who has bought the package. We welcome your friends but they would need to purchase their own class packages.

Q. Do you have showers and lockers?

Ans. Yes we have separate male and female changing rooms and showers. We also have lockers in the changing rooms to store your valuables.

Please note that you would need to bring your own towels and padlocks.

Q. Do you have any water facilities?

Ans. Yes there is a water cooler which can be found at the end of the yoga studio.