Wellness Coaching

We believe that mental health is at least, if not more important that physical health. While our Yoga sessions aim to improve your health and well being, sometimes we need more support to improve our wellness. We are proud to partner with Heal Minds, who offer a range of wellness coaching sessions from Stress Management, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle.

Wellness Coach: Aditi Rastogi

I am a certified Wellness Coach and member of UK Wellness Coaches Association

My approach is not just focussed on traditional exercise and nutrition, but on all aspects of life including emotional/mental health, mindset, relationship, finance, or career, self care and more.

My approach is also not one-size-fits to all as every individual is unique. So my coaching program is tailored to client’s unique needs, circumstances and lifestyle.

I am here to empower you to heal your mind and body and live happily with confidence!

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Wellness Programs

Heal Minds offer a number of wellness programs to cater to individual needs. Their focus is Stress Management for Women, in particular those for which long periods of stress has resulted in autoimmune disorders like inflammation, memory issues, thyroid, diabetes 1, and arthritis.

Their signature program is a 6 month lifestyle change 8 simple lifestyle solutions to overcome naturally from stress and stress related Autoimmune diseases. For clients who are new to Wellness Coaching, they offer 30 days jump Start program focussed on key issues like Stress Management, Relationship issues and Balancing Work Family Life.

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