Bianca Montesi

I took my first ever yoga class in 2006; at the age of seventeen, and never looked back.
After a few years experimenting with varied styles (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Anusara…) I undertook my first 200 hours teacher training at Triyoga London, under the tutelage of Anna Ashby and Joey Miles.
Soon my interested for the Philosophy of Yoga brought me to travel to the Indian Subcontinent, where I lived and trained at the Sivananda Ashram; this time to really immerse myself into the Ashram life and further my understanding of yoga philosophy, while also exploring other branches of the practice, such as Bhakti (devotional yoga), Karma (selfless action), Pranayama (breath control) and Kriya (cleansing techniques).
Since then I have continued to study and being inspired by many wonderful teachers and human being, including Donna Farhi, Sally Kempton, Clive Sheridan, Krishna Das; and also trained in Yoga for Special Child (The Sonia Sumar Method) and worked as a Yoga Therapist.
I am a strong believer that yoga is not about the pose, and by aligning the physical body we create space for our awareness to expand, so allowing self-enquiry and spiritual growth.
My classes focus on breath and alignment; beginning with breath awareness  and then, through specific alignment instruction mindfully flowing into different Asana; always allowing the student the time for self-enquiry and encouraging the use of props when need it.