Christine Cook

Chrissy feels very lucky to have stepped onto the mat from an early age – practicing since she was 18. Having spent the last 6 years delving deep into the origin of yoga with svadhyaya (self study) as well as taking her 200hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training,  Toddler Yoga, Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and training in Sanskrit (Devanagari). 

She has a strict 6 day a week practice but teaches in an inclusive way offering her classes to all as she believes yoga is for everyBODY. Chrissy strongly resonates with the idea of bringing the home of yoga in the east right onto your mat in the west so you can expect chanting and a lot of sanskrit! 

A quote from Chrissy, “often we associate anger with the past and fear with the future, so when we bring a relationship with the breath and the movement, we arrive into the present moment – which is where life really exists” 

Her classes offer a variety of challenges from holding planks to getting upside down – which she designs and puts together in a way that will test you both physically but more importantly; mentally, as you practice you begin to unravel layers of yourself that you didn’t know existed before. Expect to sweat, but with a smile (because it’s never an exercise for the face!)

Her classes are strongly linked to her training in PTSD as she thrives to ensure her students always understand that they have an option; it’s their practice not hers – she’s just guiding. Allowing the practice of yoga to fit into them rather than them into yoga.

Focusing on breath awareness, because to her, all yoga is about is stiling the vrittis (the mind-stuff) creating a moving meditation. As we sweat we cleanse the mind, the body and the soul – leave feeling nourished and a little more in love with yourself.