Kay Lockett

Intuitive, caring and curious,  our pilates teacher Kay teaches efficient, functional moves that will improve posture and alignment, showing you how to mobilise your joints and strengthen weaknesses that will mean you leave feeling unstoppable.

She discovered Pilates after a life changing injury and truly believes that the power of Pilates can transform the mind & body, helping to counteract modern life spent doubled up over screens, rehabilitate after injury/illness and can help combat the stresses we all face.

Kay has trained extensively with the highly revered Body Control Pilates to become a Level 3 Matwork Pilates Teacher.

She encourages all walks of life and levels of fitness to her classes – whether you are a desk worker with back issues, a runner with tight hips, you want to strengthen your spine & core, or you just want to learn to move well – Kay can help you change the way you use your body.