Lita Sattva

Best for: Rocket Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation

Rating: 4.9/5 (based on MindBody and ClassPass)

yoga teacher

Lita Sattva discovered yoga when she was seventeen. She shared the passion for Yoga with Acting and the latter somehow became the focus. But the practice of Yoga was always present and during the last years she did several types of Yoga.

Yoga progressively took her heart, the daily practice became strong and started to change her life. 2017 was the year when she decided to dedicate full time to Yoga. She travelled to India to learn more about Yoga and Yoga teaching, and in pursuit to consolidate a yogic lifestyle. She felt a beautiful journey is just starting and she is keen to bring others aboard buy sharing it through teaching.

Lita teaching method is rooted in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Rocket styles of Yoga. Her classes are challenging both mentally and physically delivered in English and Sanskrit with uplifting music, includes demonstrations and maximum hands on assists.


What clients say about Lita?

“Lita is one of the best instructors of the studio. Well planned flows, always giving options for all levels of practices, fun flows and detailed instructions for safe practice. She has deep knowledge of the different styles which means that she had developed different dedicated flows for the sessions she is teaching. Other instructors have a flow that apply over and over, some even try to make up the flows in class! Lita always teaches a fun and challenging flow! I love her classes!”


“No better class than Litas! Its a strong class but shes the type of teacher that encourages progression so just showing up week after week you start seeing the improvement.”