Sarah K. Bradbury

Sarah is a full time yoga teacher/personal trainer and lead singer of the rock band Lover. Sarah trained as a dancer/singer and actor at a top performing college in London and later in New York City. She performed on various cruise lines travelling around the world and also in plays off Broadway in New York.

She started yoga 6 years ago as a means to lower stress levels, heal an injury and maintain strength and flexibility. She explored all kinds of yoga and found a deep love for the Vinyasa style. She completed the 200hr teacher training at Hot Power Yoga in London. She teaches a powerful, dynamic vinyasa class for students of all levels and abilities with the focus being on presence in the moment. She teaches a class that will push you whilst helping you to work through any injuries you may have. Her classes will help you to build strength and increase flexibility. She will help you to push through any barriers and reach your full yogi potential.

She loves teaching yoga, it has completely changed her life and she would love to share it with you.

If you are looking for a community, new friendships and a place where you can have some fun, come to Sarah’s class and join her on the mat.