Free Wellness Workshop: 5 Steps to Boost Your Energy

Date: 24 January (Sunday)

Time: 10:30am to 11:30am

Venue: Online via Zoom

Join free online 1 hour wellness workshop if you are suffering from stress, autoimmune disease or generally looking to improve your energy levels and boost your immunity during this pandemic times.

Who is this for?

  • Who suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety

  • Who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease

  • Who experience symptoms of migraine, headaches, brain fog, inflammation, back, shoulder, neck pain, indigestion..

  • Who are looking to boost energy, improve their mood and overall health

  • Who want to improve immunity in the current pandemic times



What is my philosophy about Energy?

Health is not associated with only our Physical body. Our overall wellbeing depends on other factors and need to pay attention on our emotional, mental and spiritual body too. If we want to be healthy and increase our energy level then while working on exercise and nutrition we also need to work on our emotional/mental health, relationships, finance, spirituality, career and purpose and more. The most interesting thing is that all these aspects are interrelated if our emotional health is imbalance then it affects on physical body or spiritual body and vice versa.

In this workshop, You will learn how to increase or improve your energy levels that supports you which increase natural energy and improve your overall health. You will learn –

  • How to finally get to the bottom of your low energy.

  • Simple techniques to increase your energy everyday.

  • The #1 thing that’s holding you back from feeling your very best.

  • The  5 little known secrets to avowing inflammation and living a health life.

  • Why traditional exercise and diet plans may not work for you and what will.

Plus – You will receive the W360 wheel and a take-home tool that you can use to support you right away!


Meet Aditi – She is Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and member of UK Health Coaches Association. She is founder of the and creater of The Stress Solutions for Autoimmune Challenged Woman and From Burnt out to Balance Program.

She helps stressed out and autoimmune challenged women who experience unhealthy relationship with partner and overwhelmed with balancing daily demands of life to transform the feeling of anxiety and loneliness so that they finally feel peaceful, happier and confident.