How to Sleep Like a Baby and Feel Energised Everyday

Date: 10 October (Sunday)

Time: 11:30am to 12:30am

Venue: AM Power Yoga, 19-23 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QN

Cost: GBP 15

Do you feel you are getting enough quality sleep or you find it hard to fall and stay asleep?

Do you have enough energy for the day or do you always feel like you are dragging yourself?

In this workshop, Aditi will discuss how sleep is crucial for physical health and energy. In today’s world, Sleep is the biggest health challenge in our culture. We put value on doing more work, being more productive and more efficient but less value on Sleep and Self care. We have lost the value of sleep in our culture and lack of sleep causes many problems ranging from minor health issues to even chronic illnesses, depression and anxiety.

She will also discuss Gut health and how improving Gut health helps you to start sleeping well and cure from various health issues.

In this workshop, you will learn

  1. 5 simple techniques for sleeping like a baby every night and feeling energised
  2. Link between the Gut and Brain and how it impacts your sleep
  3. How to improve your Gut health that will help you to sleep better
  4. How insomnia is linked to Autoimmune diseases and Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and how can you treat them
  5. How to finally get to the bottom of your sleep challenges
  6. What #1 thing holding you back from a good night sleep

About your Presenter

Aditi is certified Holistic Wellness Coach and specializes in Gut Health and Functional Medicine. She helps women who suffer from chronic stress and illnesses to heal their gut and manage their stress, balance work/family life so they can heal their physical/ mental health and also lose weight naturally.

My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges one encounters. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding to my clients.

I moved to the UK 12 years ago and  I was the new young mum of the child who was diagnosed with autism. While trying to do best for him so that he could recover from learning difficulties, It impacted on my sleep, career, stress levels when one day I faced a traumatic event that triggered an inflammatory condition and hypothyroidism (autoimmune condition). In my journey to heal myself, I started exploring wellness and my journey of study organically led me to a career as a Wellness Coach.

Today, through my Heal your Gut, Heal your Life wellness program, I help my clients, who suffer from chronic stress and autoimmune conditions to heal their gut, balance work/family life, reverse symptoms and lose weight naturally so that they heal their physical/mental health and feel confident and happier.

With technology, I am able to work with clients all over the world using a video conferencing platform.   No need to worry about additional commute time to get to a physical appointment and hitting traffic on your way home.

Extensive experience (over 400 hours of coaching, over 1000 hours of coaching education including GAPS Nutrition Practitioner training for Autoimmune/Mental Health Condition, Functional medicine training) allows me to guide you.  My client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients improve their health and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction.


  • Certified Holistic Wellness Coach- International Association of Wellness Professionals
  • GAPS Nutrition Practitioner training from Dr Natasha MCBride Campbell
  • Applied Functional Medicine in a Clinical Practise – The Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Rajya Yoga Meditation Course from Brahmakumari, London UK
  • 40 days Of Transformation Course – Davidji Academy
  • Awaken the Sacred Power of Shakti – Davidji Academy